Unisex Salon Jacket Black For Men Or Women 2 Pockets Zipper (Large, Black)

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  • MANE CAPER MEN'S SALON JACKETS AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON - Whether you are a barber, hairstylist, nail tech, dog groomer, esthetician or any other type of salon professional, the patented smooth nylon material gives you protection for your clothing while maintaining a professional and hip appearance. This original textile cannot be torn apart with bare hands, it is SUPER tough! The style of this jacket will make you and your salon elegant.

  • STRONGLY CONSTRUCTED ZIPPER - The durable closures ensures that the jacket will withstand multiple washings and that the smock will last after numerous washings. The jacket's overall design and its zipper is made with the understanding that it will be in a vigorous environment. Regardless if you are a professional barber or work in a salon, we all demand elegant and good looking attire, this is your item!

  • YOLK BACK MADE FOR A MALE BODY TYPE - These distinctive jackets are available in men's sizes from medium to 4X-Large. The unique design of the jacket is produced specifically for a man's body shape, so that he can look professional, stylish and comfortable all the while. Barbers have requested a jacket that protects their clothes from water, salon debris, hair spray and other salon products, Mane Caper delivers again!

  • COMPLETE COVERAGE WITH SHORT SLEEVES - protect your clothing from chemicals, shampoo or water. The protection is not just in the front, the jacket also offers complete protection throughout. Protect your investment of daily clothes with MANE CAPER products. The garment's short sleeves offers a unique quality for the salon professional, dog groomer or nail salon professional.

  • MADE IN USA - Mane Caper is a family owned and operated business that proudly manufactures a line of high quality products for the beauty and apparel industry here in the USA. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Mane Caper products are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.

  • Color : black

  • Size : large

We asked a number of barbers and professional salon workers what was important to them in their working attire. An overwhelming number of them insisted that in today's market there was a lack of design that catered to the woman's unique contoured body. The other insistence that professional stylists and salon owners wanted was the material to be breathable enough for workers not to overheat while working. Other characteristics that professionals wanted were for the fabric to be durable, tough enough to withstand the demands of a work place that never quits. The jacket must also have pockets that would be ample enough to place tools in. And finally, the smock must be casual and classy enough for it to be worn on a daily basis. Well, Mane Caper has come up with what the customers demand! Our Mane Caper styling jacket is on Amazon!

*If you wear this jacket over bulky clothes consider buying a size bigger.

Size Chart:

S - Shoulder Width 17.5 - Waist 19 - Hip 24.5 - Body Length 28

M - Shoulder Width 18 - Waist 20.5 - Hip 25 - Body Length 29

L - Shoulder Width 18.5 - Waist 21.5 - Hip 25.5 - Body Length 29.5

XL - Shoulder Width 19.5 - Waist 23.5 - Hip 28.5 - Body Length 30

2XL - Shoulder Width 21 - Waist 25.5 - Hip 30 - Body Length 30

Please keep in mind that DUE TO YOUR SCREEN display the COLOR DISPLAYED and the COLOR OF THE PRODUCT MAY VARY slightly.***** Buy Now and receive Mane Capers' 100% Money-Back Guarantee! We are so certain you will enjoy these capes so much because of their unique composition and design, that we offer a 30 day no-questions-asked refund policy.