Thomas Coil Tattoo Machine Tattoo Gun Brass Frame 8 Wrap Coils (Liner)

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  • Material:Brass Frame,Casting Technology Creating Simple and Smooth Lines

  • 8 Wrap Coils Set Liner;33UF 50V of Liner Capacitor

  • Spring:High Flexible,Strong Elasticity,High Hardness,Not Easy to Wreck

  • Contact Screw:The Copper Stick Easy Conductive,Resistance to Blunt Damage,Convenient Adjustment

  • Good Point:Stable Working Speed and Hitting Amazing Hard with Less Power,High Strength Allow It to Work for 8 Hours at a Stretch Without Any Heat

  • Size : Liner

Thomas Coil Brass Frame Liner Tattoo Machine Gun
.Tattoo Frame Material:Brass Frame
.Set for Liner
.8 Wrap Coils for Liner
.Coil Height:28mm
.Liner Capacitor:33UF 50V
.Liner Tattoo Machine Start Voltage:4V
.Liner Tattoo Gun Best Working Voltage:6-8V
.Speed Armature Bar
.Spring Contact:Copper
.Thumb Nut Screw:Brass
.Wing Nut:Pure Coppe

What You Get:Tattoo Machine;Paper Box;A Bag Tool(O-Ring;Rubber Band;Grommets,5pcs For Each,2pcs Different Size of Wrench),and Best Customer Service

1.Liner Hits Hard and Drives in Lines Smooth
2.Machine Don't Get Hot After Hours of Tattooing
3.Machine Has Smooth and Consistant Run Cycle Low Voltage Needed
4.Fast Shipping

1.6 Months Warranty for Quality-Related Issues
2.For 6 Months After the Date of Purchase,We Take Care of All Quality-Related Issues With a Replacement or Full Refund

1.Please Clean Remain on Tattoo Machine When You After Work
2.Please Often Smear Rust Oil in Tattoo Machine Frame,Avoid the Frame Be Rusted

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