Thermafuse Color Care Shampoo &Amp; Conditioner 12 Ounce Duo

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  • Color Care Conditioner 12oz

  • Color Care Shampoo 12oz

Thermafuse Color Care Sulfate-Free Shampoo is an incredibly gentle, color-protecting shampoo that will make your hue stay intense and vivid for a long time, with plenty of dazzling shine, too. Wow!! Your hair s future looks brighter than ever! ColorCare Shampoo s rich, nurturing sulfate-free formula guards against color fadage by including fade-fighting ingredients to hold color in hair. Protects hair with a marine source extract that deflects the effects of sunlight. Increases overall brilliance and gloss with gentle surfactants that lower any irritancy properties from ordinary surfactants. Fresh, Green, Fruity! Thermafuse Color Care Condition will keep your color-treated hair vivid and beautiful! Special ingredients protect your color from fading, while making hair healthy, shiny and tangle-free. Wow! ColorCare Condition uses exclusive color-keeping ingredients to penetrate deeply to lock in hair color. Keeps color vibrant, fabulous and tangle-free. Retains artificial hair color for up to 15 shampooings. Protects hair via its capacity to absorb UV light. Fresh, Green, Fruity!