Simpleme Makeup Cotton Pad Set- 200 Pcs Cotton Pads &Amp; Hairband Remove Cosmetic Or Nail Polish 100% Soft Cotton Free Disposable Facial Cleansing Tools

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  • OFFER DEEP CLEANSING EXPERIENCE: As cotton is soft and of good water absorbability, our makeup pad is can easily help you to remove makeup no matter for eye or face with gentle feeling. Meanwhile it will save your makeup remover than others.

  • GIVE YOU HEALTHY LIFE: Used 100% natural cotton from plant, our pads is biodegradable and safe to your skin. Chemical free and do not harm to your skin, live a eco life. Used press side technology to strenthen its stability, no more easy to tear.

  • VARIOUS USE OCCASIONS: Very suitable for removing makeup and nail polish. And you can also use pads to wet compress or apply lotion. The hairband will help you keep your fringe hair away from your face while makeup, remove makeup or skin care.

  • HOW TO USE: Hold the cotton pad with the middle finger and the ring finger and fix it with your thumb and forefinger. Pour proper amount makeup remover or make-up water. Lightly apply to skin, gently wipe aroud face till makeup totally removed.

  • NICE GIFT SET: Combined with makeup pads and hairband, this set will definitely become a perfect gift for your friends and family. Give them a full range of care and love. Offer them ultimate enjoyment of removing makeup deeply and skin care

Enjoy A Soft Cleansing Experience In Your Daily Beauty Routine!

Are you annoyed with your cotton pads waste your skincare or makeup remover?
Are you always find that your makeup wasn' t completely remove which is harm to your skin?
Are you want a pads to make your nail care easier, faster and more efficient?

SIMPLEME Narural Plant Cotton & Hairband Set will handle all your annoyance and improve your facial cleansing exoerience.
-Made in 100% pure plant cotton, our pads is of great water absorbency and flexibility.
- Perfect size of 2.2 , for easy application
- chemical free, safe to your skin
- Perfect for your facial cleansing, makeup nail polish removal,
- With 100pcs in 1 pack. 2 Packs with 1 hairband

An Amazing Gifting Set!
Do not watse your time and skincare
Just join us and enjoy a perfect cleansing experience!