Salt &Amp; Stone Natural Premium Sunscreen Face Stick Spf 50, Water Resistant - 0.53 Ounce

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  • Made with natural ingredients (organic ingredients + clear zinc)

  • Provides broad-spectrum sun protection using nature's own UVA-UVB blockers and absorbers (no harsh chemicals)

  • Loaded with premium organic oils and butters to keep your skin hydrated

  • 80 minute water-resistant, clear formula disappears on your skin

  • 0.53 oz Made in the USA

  • Color : Black

Deeply Hydrate and repair your skin with this antioxidant infused, highly nourishing mineral based sunscreen for the face and body. Organic UV absorbers and Zinc Oxide absorb and reflect UVA + UVB rays helping to prevent premature aging and promote healthier, younger looking skin. This formula also calms red, irritated skin with it's anti-inflammatory blend of natural herbal extracts and hydrates dry rough skin to bring it back to a healthy, smooth look and feel. The lightweight, non greasy texture applies easily and covers evenly, leaving no visible white residue.