Rapid Pain Relief Heating Pad With Bonus Hot Pack Cold Pack. Great Heating Pads For Back Pain &Amp; Heating Pad For Cramps. Moist Heating Pad With Auto Shut Off. Heating Pad Electric &Amp; Fda Approved

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  • LARGE HEATING PAD: IMAGINE YOUR PAIN MELTING AWAY, IN 30 SECONDS: Faster than any medication, this large Heated Pad rapidly warms to your ideal temperature so you experience pain relief faster

  • BACK HEAING PAD: EVERYTHING YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY DESIRES: Baby soft, washable micro plush heating pad with digital control is sure to relieve everyone's pain

  • PORTABLE HEATING PAD: TRAVELING? YOU'LL WANT TO TAKE THIS PORTABLE HEATING PAD EVERYWHERE: Perfectly proportioned for travel, this heating pad stores away in tight spaces for on the go pain relief

  • HEAT PAD FOR BACK PAIN: SAFEST HEAT PADS YOUR MONEY CAN BUY: Don't fall for cheap knock offs that emit abnormal radiation or start fires. Ensure your safety with the heating pad designed with automatic shut-off

  • HOT PACKS FOR PAIN: RECOMMENDED BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Frequently heat is prescribed by doctors because it increases blood flow to sore areas to relax muscles, relieve stiffness, and encourage faster healing!

Exhausting Pain Disappears in Moments with Rapid Relief Electric Heating Pad with Digital Multi-Heat and Timer Settings

Tired of suffering through stiffness, back pain, neck pain, or injury pain? Looking for the best solution for stress? Prescription medication and over the counter drugs frequently require hours to provide relief.

What should you do when you want relief NOW? Turn this rapid heating wonder to your desired settings and say goodbye to pain, and hello to the warm pillowy cloud of relief in as few as 30 seconds!

Perfectly Sized for Your Comfort, and Your Travels!

At this portable heating pad with digital timer is large enough to relieve pain in your neck, shoulders, legs, back or feet, yet small enough to compact into the perfect travel size companion so youre guaranteed relief wherever your travels take you!

The large size Means Youre Getting a Heating Pad the Whole Family Will Love! Even people with pets love our heating pad, meaning you may want to grab 2 or more.

Dont wait until the next time the soreness, pain or tension becomes nearly unbearable and you have to pay twice the price at your local store. Add this affordable, top of the line heating pad to your cart now and choose your favorite shipping option to guarantee relief is right there, the next time you need it.