Parcelona French Arch Medium Tortoise Shell Hair Slider Pin Thru Bun Cover Cap Ponytail Holder Hair Updo With Stick

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  • Made in France.

  • Made from Cellulose Acetate; Everlasting Luxurious Material.

  • Wear all day long; Best for Medium Hair Type or Lots of Thin Hair.

  • Hump Size wide Approx. 6.5 cm; Approx. 2.5 Inch; Stick Length Size Approx: 5.25 Inch; 13 cm.

  • Hard to find these good quality Clips at any store at these Competitive Prices.

  • Size : 9 cms

Tortoise Shell term is used to describe the pattern made in resins and plastics of amber brown swirls and colors.