Oneleaf Styling Salon Hair Clips, Alligator Crocodile Hair Clips, Plastic Hair-Non-Slip Diy Accessories Hairgrip For Women And Girls

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  • A Large Set: Pack of 18 Hair Clips, which give great volume for Hair-Non-Slip DIY Accessories Hairgrip for Women and Girls

  • Open Wide: So back to the thick hair--you've got the tank equivalent of a clip to hold large sections of your hair.

  • Best Quality: Made of durable plastic,Super sturdy, Can challenge ALL hair types, just using them on a day to day basis, they aren't going to fall apart.

  • Gentle Use: They are really gentle and you will hardly notices that you use one of these in hair.

  • The alligator clip makes them non-slip. For anyone with thin, thick, slick, or whatever kind of textured hair, it will help hold them in.

Best Quality====Plastic is hard and sturdy. Well made. Holds a lot of hair without pulling or pinching (I have straight, fine hair but a lot of it). Great for intended purpose (sectioning hair while styling).