Natural Herbgrow Shampoo + Conditioner + Leave-In Treatment 3 Items Set

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  • Herbgrow Shampoo and Conditioner Set and Leave-In Treatment Set

Shampoo : Herbgrow shampoo is made of oriental natural herbs. Herbs that provide essential nutrition to the hair bulb which is responsible for hair groeth. It also is good for the scalp and gives good hair nutrition & hair growth. Conditioner : Herbgrow Conditioner is a unique product that adds weightless body to fine hair without stripping, build up and shine while preventing tangles and static in hair. HERBGROW CONDITIONER is formulated with active herbal ingredients to help protect hair from environmental damage and peppermint to awaken your senses. The herbs penetrate porous hair deeply to help reconstruct it from within, maintain hair strengthening and prevent future damage without weighing it down. The tonic properties of natural herbs and peppermint cool and revitalize your scalp. They also promote blood circulation that helps make hair healthy and shiny naturally. HERBGROW CONDITIONER helps get back the natural shine and soft texture of your hair. It makes your hair feel soft and silky after wash, at the same time protects your scalp and hair from environmental damages and stress. Leave-In Treatment: Herbgrow Leave-In-Hair Treatment provides necessary nutrient to damaged scalp that cause the hair loss and provides active ingredients that helps hair grow healthy and shinny as well as UV Protection. Herbgrow Leave-In-Hair Treatment also has natural herb aroma to leave your hair smelling great.