Nacific Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum, Toner New Upgrade Version (Toner)

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  • 2018 New upgrade fresh herb serum and toner

  • Fresh herb serum : package renewal,

  • Fresh Her Origin Calendula Tincture Toner changes to Origin Toner

  • Size : Toner

[Fresh Herb Origin Serum] This beauty must-have is famously known as Jun Ji-Hyun's serum after it was revealed to be her go to skincare product. It is now fondly called the damn serum due to the tingling sensation it creates when applied onto damaged, oxidized skin - the greater the damage, the more it tingles. Over time, this diminishes as your skin heals. This anti-oxidant enriched serum enhances elasticity, prevents premature wrinkling, balances oil and moisture and tones. It also helps relax the skin by using Aloe Vera in place of purified water and vegetable components instead of synthetic preservatives. [Fresh Herb Calendula Tincture Toner] Wipe away impurities and dull skin! 1. This calendula extract toner is made by tincture to ehance its benefits to your skin all the while maintaining a high concentration of benefical components and safety. 2. As flower water and calendula extract comprises 90% of the toner, it has a potent moisturizing effect. 3. It is perfect for all skin types including for those with sensitive skin. It is helpful in the suppression, moisturizing and nutrition of skin. 4. Papaya enzyme and malt extract removes unnecessary dead skin cells and other wastes to leave your skin smooth and youthful