Mitomo Premium Face Sheet Mask. Made In Japan. (25G X 6) (6 Masks Sheets Premium Moisturizing With Collagen)

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  • MITOMO PREMIUM MOISTURIZING EFFECT Face Sheet Mask with Collagen. Collagen contains components like hydrolyzed collagen and elastin that help to keep the skin young.

  • Collagen is a protein which is a part of connecting tissue. Thanks to collagen, there is a constant regeneration of skin cells, the skin becomes smoother and firmer.

  • This mask also contains Aloe Vera and Kiwi Fruit Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Q10 and Vitamin C.

  • It is no secret that the Japanese are known for their commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a particular focus on natural and traditional foods as well as cosmetic products. A great many attempts have been made to uncover the mystery behind the beauty of Japanese women and their secret of youth.

  • Take the mask out from the package and unfold it. Apply the mask on your face, avoid contact with the eyes. Leave the mask on your face for 20-30 minutes. The required time is over, remove the mask from your face and massage your face with remaining essence to help further absorption. Made in Japan.

  • Color : 6 Masks Sheets Premium Moisturizing with Collagen

All Mitomo premium masks contains aloe vera extract and hyaloronic acid. Made of PREMIUM TENCEL - a soft and delicate tissue of new generation is used in premium masks. TENCEL is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. TENCEL is a 100% environmentally friendly tissue made from eucalyptus wood. This tissue prevents the growth of bacteria. Does not contain parabens.