Led Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors (150 Led'S Red, Blue, Green) For Anti Aging, Wrinkles, Skin Whitening - Proven To Work!

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  • Noninvasive Light Therapy for anti-aging, removing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Avoid spending hundreds per month on serums, anti-aging wrinkle creams and spa treatments with our mask.

  • LED light therapy is proven to improve skin and minimize pores so bacteria does not enter and/or spread.

  • Professional Grade LED Mask with 150 LED's, Remote control, USB cable, AC adapter and English user manual.

  • Color : White

Save hundreds per month on anti-aging and wrinkle creams and serums with our non-invasive light therapy facial mask. Used by the rich and famous but now available for home use and at a price you can afford. Say goodbye to expensive spa treatments forever. Highest Quality Beauty Mask With 7 Light Functions: - Red 650 nm: Brightens and evens skin tone, reduces wrinkles, repairs damage by killing toxins for increased blood circulation. - Blue 463 nm: Reducing bacteria from within the skin and improves skin sensitivity. - Green 527 nm: Used for anti-aging and to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. - Purple 600 nm: Great for reducing the appearance of scars. - Cyan 470 nm: Assists in calming inflammation of the skin from scars or bacteria. - Dark Purple 640 nm: Tightens, brightens and reduces wrinkles. - Light Blue 510 nm: A soothing relaxing light for overall skin sensitivity and relaxation. Relaxing and Therapeutic For Daily Use: - Enjoy a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. - Can be used with topical wrinkle creams for better results Included With Package: - LED Face Mask w/ 150 LED's - USB Cable and Strap - Remote Control - Power adapter - English user manual