Jojoba Wax White Beads Organic Vegetable Triple Pressed Cosmetic Grade Pastilles 100% Pure 4 Oz

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  • Organic Jojoba Wax White Beads Vegetable Triple Pressed Cosmetic Grade Pastilles 100% Pure

  • Equally wonderful for the skin, hydrates and softens skin to leave it glowing

  • Jojoba Wax in its natural state, without additives or fillers; potent, nourishing, and easy for your skin and hair to absorb

  • The high concentration of vitamins contained in Jojoba helps to promote healthy, clear skin

  • We make our natural non-GMO completely Organic 100% pure oils with the highest standards of quality and integrity. Our company does not test its products on animals

  • Color : Yellow

Ingredients:Jojoba Wax,100% Pure with NO additives or carriers added.Organic:Made without pesticides, GMO's, or hexane.

Description & Common Uses:Jojoba Beads also referred to as hydrogenated jojoba oil, are natural exfoliants used throughout the personal-case and handcrafted soap industry. Jojoba beads are often preferred by manufacturers because they are 100% biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than plastic exfoliants. Additionally, consumers with any type of nut allergy or concern will prefer this natural, gentle exfoliating ingredient compared to bars of soap made with nut shavings or shells. White jojoba beads of 20-40 mesh particle size are vastly used through the production of cosmetic scrubs to remove excess dry cells and promote rejuvenated skin.

Shelf Life:Users can expect a shelf life of up to 3 years with proper storage conditions.We are buying our product from the organically certified supplier, made with organic ingredients.

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