It'S Skin Tiger Cica Calming Water 200Ml 11.44 Fl. Oz. - Diminishes Reduces Redness Red Spots Facial Toner Acne Scar Treatment Hydrating Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Tightening Sensitive Care

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  • MUST-HAVE TONER FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - A Centella Asiatica water facial toner infused with rosemary leaf, bergamot, grapefruit oil to balance, calm, and hydrate sensitive and prone complexions! Formulated with 100% certified natural organic ingredients, our calming toner is gently suited for extraordinarily irritated and sensitive skin. This alcohol-free toner will be your must-have toner to relieve systemic itching and will restore your beauty!

  • FAST-ABSORBING HYDRO BOOSTER - Our watery liquid face toner contains Panthenol a substance that chemically attracts water. Works as the best humectant by swiftly penetrating into your skin to infuse water and retain moisture within skin tissues! It is also powered by Centella Asiatica extract to deliver a brighter skin tone and smoother texture as well. Use this refreshing toner to create healthy and youthful skin anywhere, anytime!

  • CENTELLA ASIATICA BALANCING TONER- Slightly acidic around 5.5 of pH level strengthens acidic mantle, the skin barrier that keeps moisture in and toxins out. Lower or higher pH level can result in sensitivity, wrinkles, inflammations, and severe acne. Our low-acidic facial toner will restore your skin's optimal pH level at any time! Your face will be radiant and dewy blocking all the germs and toxins while keeping exact amount of moistures you need.

  • ALL-IN-ONE & VERSATILE ASTRINGENT - Gently shed dead skin cell, leftover makeup, and a residue with our face toner to nourish your skin after washing. Moreover, our multifunctional facial toner can use as both toner and mask! Thoroughly soaking the multi-layered cotton pad with face toner and place it on the itchy, dry, redness-prone area to instantly hydrates and soothes for few minutes. It will prevent acne breakouts, reduces skin inflammation, and improves skin health eventually!

  • 100% NATURE DRIVEN CICA FORMULA - Centella Asiatica so-called 'CICA' facilitates the healing of incisions, burns, and wounds. Not to mention, its extract helps your skin detox and keep out daily toxins. It spurs collagen to form, which hydrates and tightens your skin with the highest level of antioxidants! Concentrations of 5% of it show notable improvement in skin's moisture. Also, Guess what? Our 'TIGER CICA Calming Water' is made up of 64% of Centella Asiatica extracts!

  • Color : Calming Water

The Secret Behind Korean Skincare

The secret behind Korean women's healthy and beautifully glowing skin is the meticulous steps involved in the entire skincare routine. Many misunderstand the concept of Korean skincare as merely soaking your skin with various 'effective' skincare products. However, the essence is not to create an indiscreet multi-step process with various products, but to find the right products that address your skin's needs. It'S SKIN has prepared a series of products under a scientific formula that you can choose from for best results.


It'S SKIN is the first brand in South Korea to bind the concept of cosmetics with medicine. With skin care knowledge accumulated over decades, It'S SKIN presents its products for all ages and all skin types and promises the best results for beautiful silky skin that every woman dreams of.