Invisibobble Original And Power, The Traceless And Original Spiral Shaped Hair Ring, Color: Rose, Clear, Brown, 9 Hair Ties Per Packaging, Price Discount

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  • invisibobble ORIGINAL traceless hair tie with a revolutionary spiral form, easy to use styling tool for updos and other hair styles

  • The hair ring can be easily removed from the hair thanks to the smooth surface (artificial resin), no tangles

  • invisibobble POWER hair tie with an intensified spiral shape for extra strong grip

  • Hair ring especially designed for voluminous hair, sports, work out and other activities

  • Bundle of 9 hair ties with price discount

Hair caring, traceless, strong grip - invisibobble ORIGINAL's revolutionary spiral shape makes it possible. Thanks to its smooth artificial surface, the invisibobble ORIGINAL spiral hair ring doesn't tangle and can be used for wet and dry hair. The non-soaking hair tie with high wearing comfort is a great styling tool, too! Using only the invisibobble hair ring fancy hairstyles like updos, braids, messy buns, half updos and ponytails can be easily and quickly done. Worn around the wrist, the invisibobble ORIGINAL hair tie turns into a fashionable bracelet and a colorful and stylish accessory! The intensified spiral form of the invisibobble POWER hair ties gives the hair an extra strong grip during sports and intense workouts without compromising on hair care and high wearing comfort. The invisibobble POWER hair rings are perfectly suited for sports as the smooth artificial resin surface doesn't absorb fluids and can be easily taken out of dry and wet hair without tangling.