Glam Air Airbrush Set Of 2 Colors-Shimmering Black Smoke &Amp; Hushed Grey Water-Based 0.25 Fl. Oz. Bottles Of Eyeshadow Shimmering Black Smoke/Hushed Grey

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  • Two small 0.25 fl. oz. Bottles of eyeshadow

  • colors included are: (E2) Shimmering Black Smoke & (E13) Hushed Grey

  • Glam Air water-based airbrush eyeshadow makeup

  • Smokey Eyes

  • Color : shimmering black smoke/hushed grey

Two 0.25 fl. oz. Bottles of airbrush eyeshadow. Glam Air airbrush makeup is unparalleled to any other makeup products out on the market today! It is, by far, the easiest makeup to apply, whether you're a professional makeup artist or just applying makeup for the very first time!!! The art and science of Glam Air?s airbrush makeup allows better, faster and more thorough coverage than the conventional old fashion way of applying makeup. Glam Air is so light and compact, our patented travel case allows you to now have the capability of applying your airbrush makeup on the go. The unsurpassed versatility allows you to apply your cover-up, foundation, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick in a matter of minutes! Through micro-technology, hundreds of microscopic drops of water- based, refined makeup, are gently pushed through the airbrush stylus, laying smoothly over your skin and never clogging your pores. This technology is what gives the miraculous appearance of perfection. One try, and you'll never want to go back to that old cakey stuff ever again!!!