Finish Jet-Dry Turbo Dry Drying Agent: 6.76 Oz

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Arrives in 3-7 Business Days

  • Automatically releases in dishwasher rinse cycle

  • 2x better drying power on plastics vs detergents alone

  • Fill the rinse agent dispenser in the door of your dishwasher with Finish Jet-Dry Refill monthly for best results

  • Glass Protection ingredient for lasting shine

  • Removes spots & residue for brilliant shine

  • Color : Multicolor

  • Size : 6.76 oz

Sometimes dishes come out of the dishwasher wet, or with spots. Would'nt it be great to have dry dishes right out of the dishwasher, with no more towel-drying? New FINISH JET-DRY Turbo Dry ensures your dishes come out ready to be put away even your plastic items. FINISH JET-DRY Turbo Dry is a new type of dishwasher additive - a Drying Agent - that is specifically engineered to give you amazingly dry cutlery, glass, and even plastic items. 6.76 FL OZ (200mL) - lasts about 65 loads