Eutuxia Barbers Hairdressing Cape With Transparent Viewing Window. Waterproof, Anti-Static Hair Cutting Gown

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  • TRANSPARENT VIEWING SCREEN: Customers can easily use their phones or read a book while getting a haircut without to take their hands out from under the cape

  • IDEAL FOR ALL SALONS: Great for any professional and salons as well as home use. Use it while cutting, dyeing, and perming hair

  • ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE: Ensures a tight and snug fit around the neck for everyone. Prevents hairs from falling through and gown from shifting around

  • MULTIPLE FEATURES: Made from durable fabric that is waterproof and has anti-static properties. Neck part is made from elastic and can be stretched to fit all sizes

  • DIMENSIONS: 45 x 52 inches. Universal one size fits all lightweight hairdressing gown

  • Size : 1 PK

You're getting your hair cut and washed. Your phone gets a new notification, but it's hard to check. You don't want to take your hands out from under the gown for the hundredth time.

As a customer, it can feel intrusive to be moving around to use your phone while getting a haircut. As a professional, you may think that your customers are having a hard time enjoying themselves or getting comfortable during the session.

Eutuxia's Hairdressing Cape with Transparent Viewing Window is the solution!

Never miss out on a notification again with the viewing window. Easily watch your favorite shoes, respond to messages, or read a book while getting your hair cut. As a barber, watch as your customers comfortably use their phones without moving around and disrupting the cut.

Use the gown for all solon purposes such as hair washes, cutting, dyeing, or perming hair.

Universal fit of the gown makes it ideal for kids and adults. Adjustable buckles on the elastic band ensures a tight and snug fit around everyone's neck. Proper fit prevents hairs from falling through, clothes from getting dyed, and from customers getting wet. Gown is waterproof and anti-static.

Dimensions: 45 x 52 inches