Empty Deodorant Containers - Twist-Up, Reusable, Recyclable, Diy Empty Deodorant Tubes, Bottom-Fill 2.0 Oz (Black)

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  • BOTTOM-FILL - pour into the container upside down to create a professional beveled top

  • BPA FREE - Perfect for at home and health conscious folk - www.DeodorantContainer.com

  • RECYCLABLE and REUSABLE - Bottom cap comes off so it is easily reusable

  • SIMPLE / REUSABLE & EASY TO USE - DIY deodorant containers, perfect for at home or professional use

  • TWIST-UP - Spin the bottom cap, after pouring and sliding it on, to twist up your deodorant!

  • Color : Black

  • Size : 6-Pack

The highest quality deodorant container, has 4 pieces in total: 1) Inner removable lid to create the beveled top while pour upside down 2) Bottom cap to slide on after pouring and letting your deodorant cool. After sliding on, this is what you spin to twist your deodorant up! 3) Top lid, it screws on. 4) Deodorant container main cylinder Directions: With the inner lid and top screw-lid on, set up the container upside down and pour your molten deodorant mixture into the upside down container. Let cool, or place in refrigerator to accelerate the cooling process. This usually will take at least 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Once the deodorant mixture is cool, snap the bottom cap on, take the top screw-lid off and twist up the deodorant. The inner beveled lid will slide up and you can remove it to see your beautiful beveled top! Or, you can leave it on for your customer to remove.