Elgon Moda &Amp; Styling Cosmetic Hair Color Cream #7

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  • Elgon Moda & Styling Cosmetic Hair Color Cream #7

Lanolin based cream, with low ammonia emissions, easy to mix and apply. Makes the hair shiny and soft. With Moda Styling Colour Cream you get perfect coverage of gray hair with total respect for hair structure. Natural-like color. Reds extremely resistant to washings. 75 shades divided into the series: Natural/Ash/Golden/Copper/Red/Mahogany/Purple and 0/0 - Elgon's proprietary formulation. It enhances the dye's coloring power, evens the color and the stripes of the red hues, it helps covering refractory hair. 50% less ammonia than the average hair colour. 50% smaller color molecules than the average hair colour