Ekoeh Brasil Hair Food Color Cream Black

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  • Infused with Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter, Vegan and Cruelty Free Certified by PETA, Certified Organic Ingredients USDA, ECOCERT, IBD and PRODUTO ORGANICO BRASIL.

  • Safe on color treated hair and chemically treated hair

  • Developed with hypoallergenic ingredients, Ammonia Free, PPD/PTD Free, Resorcinol Free, LEAD Free, Fragrance Free, BPA and PVC Free, Parabens Free, Soy Free,

  • Improves the health of the hair and scalp

  • Color : Black

ekoeh Brasil Hair Food Color Cream is a vegan non permanent hair coloring and conditioning treatment enriched with a nutrient dense Certified Organic botanical complex, protein and Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter to deeply nourish hair while covering stubborn gray. Get shinier, softer and healthier hair with the first application. Safe to be used on previously chemically treated hair such as perms, straighteners, keratin treatment and relaxers. HOW TO USE 1. SHAMPOO HAIR. WE RECOMMEND THE USAGE OF ANY CLARIFYING OR ALKALINE SHAMPOO. 2. TOWEL DRY HAIR. HAIR SHOULD BE WET DURING COLORING. 3. SHAKE WELL BOTTLE OF COLOR CREAM 4. PUT ON PROVIDED GLOVES (These gloves are biodegradable and will start decomposing naturally) 5. UNSCREW THE TIP AND APPLY COLOR CREAM DIRECT TO DAMP HAIR AND GENTLY MASSAGE THE CREAM INTO THE HAIR UNTIL ALL THE HAIR HAS BEEN SATURATED WITH COLOR CREAM. 6. WAIT 45 MINUTES TO ACHIEVE MORE INTENSE COLOR OR TO COVER STUBBORN GRAY, INCREASE WAITING TIME UP TO 60 MINUTES. 7. RINSE WELL UNTIL WATER RUNS CLEAR. 8. APPLY CONDITIONER. DOING SO WILL HELP RESEAL THE CUTICLE AND HELP COLOR LAST LONGER. 9. RINSE THOROUGHLY AND STYLE AS DESIRED VEGAN Certfiied (PETA) CRUELTY FREE Certified (PETA) Fair Trade Certified Shea Butter (FAIR FOR LIFE) Certified Organic Ingredient (USDA) Certified Organic Ingredient (ECOCERT) Certified Organic Ingredient (IBD) Certified Organic Ingredient (PRODUTO ORGANICO BRASIL)