Devacurl Arc Angel Gel 12 Oz

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  • Nourishing: Non Drying; Non Sticky Gel That Gives You Maximum Curl Control; Added Moisture And Long Lasting; Frizz Free Definition Without The Crunch

  • Hydrating: Extra Moisturizing Formula Surrounds Your Curls With A Non Sticky; Protective Curl Cast That Sends Frizz Packing And Defines Your Curls Shape

  • Herbaceous & Soothing: Unique Formula; Made With Chamomile; Lemongrass And Orange Peel Extract; Keeps Curls Smooth And Soft For The Long Haul

  • Size : 12 Ounces

Are you in need of a better styler, one that leaves hair soft and supple without weighing it down with unpleasant crunch? Devacurl Arc Angel Gel can be the product you need. Chamomile, orange peel and lemongrass feature in the unique formula that moisturizes hair while forming a protective curl cast to make styling easier than ever. It locks in moisture and fights off frizz to preserve the silky smooth shine of your tresses. The vibrant orange blossom aroma lifts the spirit and makes using it all the more enjoyable, as well. Using Arc Angel Gel following your daily cleaning routine is easy. Simply rub the gel between palms and, leaning forward, scrunch it into your curls, going upward and back through your hair. Use a towel to draw out excess water so it air-dries more quickly - the DevaTowel works best here. Wait a few minutes for curls to finish drying before giving them another gentle scrunch to soften the cast and let you shape it as desired. The end result: soft, moisturized locks with just the right amount of curl and volume to show off