Blackhead Remover, Zdatt Pore Vacuum Electric Blackhead Vacuum Extractor Clean Tool - Comedo Pore Extracotr Beauty Device With 5 Probes For Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction Cleanser Microdermabrasion

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  • [NEW DESIGN FOR 2019] This is the latest and greatest design in the world of the black head remover, this design features an acne extractor that uses gentle suction to suck out those unwanted blackheads and whiteheads without damaging the skin. We are confident that with our blackhead remover vacuum you'll see some serious improvements day in and day out.

  • [5 LEVEL OF SUCTION] For any level of difficult and unwanted blackheads, the 5 level pore suction vacuum is designed to work on dry skin, neutral skin, oily skin and all skin types in between. Work smarter not harder with this incredible face vacuum pore cleanser to rejuvenate your skin. This facial kit for women and men is the perfect addition to ones personal grooming regiment.

  • [4 INTERCHANGEABLE SUCTION HEADS] Equipped with 4 uniquely shaped beauty heads, you can meet the needs of the different parts of your face. 1x Small Round Hole Suction Head, 2x Regular Round Hole Suction Head, 1x Elliptical Hole Suction Head, 1x Oversized Hole Suction Head.

  • [3 BEAUTY LAMPS] The beauty lamp feature takes the acne vacuum function to a different level. The red light repairs scars. The green light smooths and calms the skin and the blue light tops it off by decreasing inflammation and sterilizing the skin.[PORTABILITY AT ITS FINEST] With USB charging for an integrated battery and an overall charge duration of 120 minutes, this blackhead removal tool can be used for an average time of 1 full month without re-charging.

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