Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum, Usb Rechargeable Blackhead Vacuum, Pore Cleanser Acne Extractor Tool With 6 Replaceable Probes, Led Display For Facial Skin Treatment

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  • POWERFUL EFFECT - Can effectively remove blackhead, acne and dirt in pores; remove the outer layer of aging skin; it can also enhance blood circulation &skin elasticity, smooth fine lines and make your skin brighter and healthier.

  • 3 ADJUSTABLE SUCTION LEVELS - Low level for sensitive skin, Medium level for small blackhead and High level for big pore. According to the indication light, you can easily adjust the most desirable suction level.

  • ALL FUNCTIONS IN ONE - With the replaceable probes, this pore vacuum can effectively remove blackhead acne (big mouth probe, small mouth probe), reduce fine lines (oval mouth probe). Different probe can be used for different body areas, which is suitable for all kinds of skin.

  • RECHARGEABLE & WATERPROOF DESIGN - You can charge the device everywhere using the included USB cable, which is very convenient for home or travel use. The product can work for 80 minutes after charging. It has a professional waterproof design, you can use it after shower.

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS & WARRANTY - 1x Electric Blackhead Remover; 6 x Beauty Probe; 1 x Pouch; 5 x Dust Proof Screen; 6 x Waterproof Ring; 1 x USB Charging Cable; 1 x User Manual; 1 x Warranty Card. We also provide 12 months warranty with 30 days unconditionalreturn policy.


Removing Blackhead:
Big Mouth Probe - For strong suction, it has significant effect on oily skin, blackhead, cosmetic residue, etc. It can be used on any part of the face except for eye area.
Small Round Mouth Probe - For gentle suction, suitable for thin& sensitive skin such as eye area and eye corners.
Note: Please click the Power ON/OFF Key to adjust the 3 suction levels.

Reducing Fine Lines:
Oval Mouth Probe - For lessen wrinkles and smooth fine lines. It can be used on the corners of the eye, nose, mouth and others. It can also be used on the neck.

Use a hot steamer or towel on your face for 3-5 minutes to open up the pores. If the blackhead is deep, please apply with blackhead educe liquid.
According to your needs, choose the appropriate probe and install it.
Long press the power ON/OFF key for 3 seconds to turn on the device. Then click itto choose appropriate suction level. We recommend starting with LOW SUCTION LEVEL.
Place the probe above the skin, move smoothly and slowly. Please do not suck on the same position for a long time. For acne, lift immediately after pulling out.
After use, long press the power ON/OFF key for 3 seconds to turn off the device. Keep it in a safe place.
The skin will experience irritation and redness after the care, it is normal. And it will recover in about 30 minutes.

Power Input: 5V-0.5A
Capacity: 5W
Battery: 3.7V-500mAh (can work for 80 minutes after charging)
Vacuum: 59KPA
Dimension: 20344.539mm
Weight: 165g

1x Electric Blackhead Remover
6 x Beauty Probe
1 x Pouch
5 x Dust Proof Screen
6 x Waterproof Ring
1 x User Manual
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Warranty Card