Blackhead Remover,Pore Vacuum Suction Remover Facial Pore Cleanser Electric Acne Comedone Extractor Kit Usb Rechargeable Blackhead Suction Tool Set With Large Led Display For Women And Men (Blue)

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  • Latest Generation of Blackhead Remover has More Powerful Suction and Deeper Cleansing of Your Skin. After Tests Implemented Users, this Blackhead Vacuum can Effectively Remove Stubborn Blackheads, Whiteheads, Dead Skin, Grease and Makeup residues, Smooth Wrinkles and Tighten Skin After Continuously Using it for 2 - 5 Weeks.

  • BLACKHEAD PROBLEM SOLVED:Effectively Cleans the Oil, Impurities and Dust Particles in the Clogged Pores; Removes Blackhead, Grease and Acne; Also it Could Increase Blood Circulation & Skin Elasticity, Exfoliate Dead Skin, Tighten up Loose Skin, Lessen Wrinkle, Shrink Pores, Smooth your Fine Lines and Cupping Therapy Massage and Tighten the Skin.

  • With Dust Cap,One Key Operation, Touch Button with 5 Intensity Levels, 5-Minute Countdown,Large LED Display,USB Charging, Small and Exquisite Appearance and Ease to Use. You can take it anywhere with no trouble.Portable, Safe and Convenient to Use: Easy for Daily Use, Suitable for Different Skin Types; Non-Toxic and Harmless, the Mildness has been Clinically Verified.

  • USB Rechargeable 900MA Lithium Bwith LED Display Function: Only to Charge for 3 Hours to Use More Than 3.5 Hours, Adsorption Capacity 50-100KPA. Placement and Storage is Very Convenient, Display Function, You Can Easily Pay Attention to Power Changes and Know the Strength of Suction, so that You can Charge Quickly.

  • Your Investment is Protected Ba Limited One Year Warranty. The Manual Is in the Box. The Product is Made of High Quality ABS Material and Meets CE, FCC and RoHS certification.

  • Color : Blue

Blackhead Remover,4 in 1 Facial Pore Cleanser Standable USB Rechargeable Facial Skin Treatment Beauty Tool for women men withLarge LED Display and Dust Cap

How To Use

1.Use a hot steamer (recommended) or hot towel on your face for 3-5 minutes to open up the pores.

2.According to your requirements, choose a tip and connect it to the device.

3.Press the power button and choose intensity of suction. Start with the lowest.

4.Hold and move it back and forth;1-2 minutes MAX will be recommended when you use it for the first time.

What's Included?

Comedo Suction Device x 1

Big Circle Probe x 1

Small Circle Probe x 1

Oval Beauty Probe x 1

Large Suction Probe x 1

Sponge x 5

Silica Gel Ring x

USB Charging Wire x 1


First time, use the device with the least powerful suction setting to get the hang of it. DO NOT start with high intensity, as you may hurt yourself.

Limit the usage time to 5 minutes the max per use.

Light bruising or redness may occur on the face. Skin should recover in couple of days.

Do no use it on the soft skin under your eyes.