Better Man Beard Balm - All Natural - Quick And Easy To Apply - 2Oz

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  • Creates a healthier, lustrous, and more powerful beard. Perfect for the man that sports a 5 o'clock shadow or the man that rocks a ZZ top style beard.

  • Hydrates facial hair and skin underneath to make your beard thicker and softer. A hydrated beard will be stronger and less likely to break or develop split ends.

  • Why shave, when you can be a man, Better Man Beard Balm for everyday care. Quick to apply and absorb.

  • Fantastic (not overpowering) scent of therapeutic grade rosemary and lavender. The scent is something that you and your better half will both appreciate. It's an earthy, yet masculine scent.

  • Hand crafted Boise Idaho USA. We use only all natural and organic ingredients. Used and approved by the best beards, no animal testing.

  • Size : 2 oz

Better Man Beard Balm is crafted, blended to perfection, and hand-poured in Boise Idaho. We use 100% all natural, pure, cruelty free ingredients with therapeutic grade essential oils. We take great pride in bringing you a quality beard balm that you and your better half can enjoy. Our beard balm conditions and nourishes your facial hair, tames the mane, stimulates hair growth, softens the skin, smells fantastic, and is naturally anti-bacterial. You won't find any artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives in our product. We understand what it takes to grow a beard. Wear your beard with confidence. Become a better man with Better Man Beard Balm.