Barber Shavette Razor Straight Blade Set Vintage Edge 2 Pc Cut Throat Curto Disposable Navaja Rasurar

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  • 2 Zeepk Straight Razor Changeable Blades Professional Quality

  • FREE 10 Dorco Double Blades Push In

  • Razor with Tension Knob Adjustable Handle

  • Light Weight Good Quality Plastic

  • Sturdy Blade Holder

  • Color : Black


Many people love the idea of cut-throat straight razor, but they don't love the honing and maintaince needed to keep it in that way. The shavette razor allows you the best of both worlds. You can get the closeness and feedback that you get with a long, sharp blade, but you don't have the maintenance when you can simply switch out the blades with a new, fresh edge. Also, great for barbers who need a new, sanitary blade with each client.

How to load the Razor into the holder

1: Remove the stainless steel blade holder from your Zeepk Barber razor, by simply sliding it out

2: Take out the blade from the Pack but keep it inside the paper wrap; carefully bend it from the middle to break in half and load it to the blade holder.Note: you don't need to break derby half blades

3: Secure the blade into the holder, so it won't fall out

4: Hold the blade with the holder and slide back the holder into the razor.

5: Check if the blade is aligned with your Razor holder and Your Zeepk Razor is ready to use.

How to shave with a Shavette

Preparation is very important. Your beard and skin must be softened and ready. Use hot towel for 30 seconds to open up your skin pores. Then work the shaving soap up to a rich latherand apply with your Zeva Shaving brush, using a circular motion to make the hairs stand up ready for shaving. Stretching the skin with your free hand, use the other to move the Shavette in short strokes in the direction that the hair grows.Hold the Shavette at a 30degree angle to the skin - that way it cuts the whiskers and avoids cutting you! After you are done shaving apply cold water to close your skin pores.