100% Kanekalon Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Made With Itch Free Antibacterial Synthetic Fiber Crochet Twists Braiding Hair Extensions (24 , 1)

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  • 1.Pre stretched braiding hair Made with synthetic Fiber From Kanekalon

  • 2.Water Repellent, Fast Drying

  • 3.Yaki texture is soft &feather light ,itch free Perfect Hair for an Active Lifestyle

  • 4.Pre-Stretched to Save on Prep Time&very easy to install

  • 5.Hot water setting: Kanekalon pre stretched braiding hair is Much better dipped in hot water than normal hair.

  • Color : #1

  • Size : 24

ToyoTress Prestretched Braiding Hair Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions

1.MATERIAL: The prestretched braiding hair made with human friendly low temperature flame-retardant synthetic fiber.
soft as human hair, Ultra Light&comfortable to wear with long lasting different braiding hairstyles, You will feel amazing with the braiding hair and get lots of compliments.

2. FEATURES & BRAIDING HAIRSTYLES: our braiding hair is hot water setting,Tangle-free&Itch Free,perfect for customizing braiding hairstyles.
You can make box braids crochet hair or senegalese twist crochet hair as you like. you can change the Pre-stretched braiding hair styles very easily by dipping it into hot water.

3.QUICK AND EASY BRAIDING: since it is already pre-stretched , it is very easy and fast to braid , it will save you much more time to make braiding hairstyles.

4.COLORS & SIZES: we have 11 colors(#1,#1B,#2,#4,#27,#T27,#30,#T30,99J,#T530,#T350) and 4 sizes (16 -55g,20 -60g,22 -75g,24 -70g)available for the Prestretched Braiding Hair , we can also customize the color and size as your requirements.

5.PACKAGE INCLUDED : 8packs/lot Pre-stretched braiding hair+free gifts-10 beautiful beads decoration for your braiding hair styles.

6.NOTES: Depending on the monitors/screens of the devices you are looking at the picture with, the braiding hair colors may appear a little different. pls check it clearly when you place orders on the pre-stretched braiding hair.