Procure Vitamin A And D Ointment 4Oz Tubes, - Treats And Prevents Diaper Rash - Lanolin And Petrolatum Skin Protectant Formula Seals In Wetness - For Cuts, Dry Or Chaffed Skin

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  • #1 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED FORMULA: All natural vitamin A & D is often suggested by pediatricians to treat and prevent diaper rash in infants and babies. Use at every diaper change for best results.

  • FOR ADULTS TOO! This skin protectant cream help treat a myriad of skin irritations, including dry & cracked skin, chapped lips, cold weather chaffed hands, minor scrapes and cuts, poison ivy and more.

  • SEALS OUT WETNESS: The white petrolatum with lanolin in the formula serves to lock out wetness, protecting the skin and preventing rashes and discomfort. Safe for use on delicate and sensitive skin.

  • EASY APPLICATION: No applicators needed; simply use a finger to apply to the affected area. Conveniently packaged in portable and on-the-go single use foil packets. Wash your hands before and after use.

  • BULK SUPPLY: Whether you're looking to stock up your home or medical office with premium quality supplies, ProCure is your source! Available in 1 pack (144 packets), 2 pack (288 packets) or 6 pack case (864 packets).

  • Color : 4 Oz Tubes

  • Size : 2 Pack

Vitamin A & D skin protectant ointment is not only one of the most doctor-recommended diaper rash treatment formulas; it helps with a myriad of skin irritations and conditions. The ointment seals in wetness to protect skin affected by cuts, chaffing, seasonal dryness, and more. Whether it is on your hand or your baby's bottom, it is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Pediatrician Recommended Formula
Treats and Prevents Diaper Rash
Seals Out Wetness
Temporarily Protects Minor Cuts, Scrapes, & Burns
Temporarily Helps Protect and Help Relieve Chapped and Cracked Skin
For Use as Balm on Dry or Cracked Lips
Protects Skin from Weather Effects, Cold and Wind
Dries Oozing and Weeping of Poison Ivy
Stops Skin from Chafing and Rashing Overnight
5g Single Use Foil Packets


With petrolatum and lanolin, wetness is sealed out to protect the baby's skin. This ointment is rich in vitamin A and D which nourish the skin and replenish vital nutrients. Use the ointment to treat diaper rash and at every diaper changing to prevent rashes from forming.


Not only is this cream great for babies, it is great to use on minor cuts and scrapes, on dry and cracked lips, on chaffed hands from cold weather, and a multipurpose skin treatment. The properties that seal wetness in and out make it great for all kinds of used to protect skin from dry conditions, and from forming irritations due to wetness.


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1 Pack - 144 Packets
2 Pack - 288 Packets
6 Box Case Pack - 864 Packets