Goji Berry Anti-Aging Face Cream + Dark Circle Wrinkle-Remove Eye Cream

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  • FACIAL CREAM + EYE CREAM SET: Goji berry, an exceptional ingredient with anti-power, accelerates the growth of new cells that make your skin softer and more elastic

  • MOISTURIZING EYE CREAM: Effectively dilute dark circles, eyes, fine lines and eliminate bags and many other problems of the eyes

  • EYES CREAM: The effect is better with Pair Face Cream. Hydration and revitalization of the skin for a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion

  • ABSORBENT FAST: Delicate, shiny texture, 3-fold effect facial cream antioxidant, moisturizing, firming skin

  • A breakthrough in anti-aging skincare wellness

  • Size : 1 Ounces

With age, the originally smooth and elastic skin becomes coarse and dull. Then it's time to pick up a good face cream to moisturize and refresh your skin. Goji berry, an exceptional anti-power ingredient, speeds up the growth of new cells that make your skin softer and more elastic.
With appropriate eye cream, which can dilute dark circles, remove fine lines and remove bags under the eyes, while maintaining your skin and eyes and eliminating the problems of the skin and eyes.

Item Type: Goji Facial Cream + Goji Eye Cream
Facial cream Net weight: 100g
Eye cream Net weight: 30ml

Package List:
1 x Goji facial cream
1 x goji eyes cream