Top Plaza Natural Rose Quartz Face Facial Roller Gua Sha Scraping Tools Set,Crystal Roller Massager Guasha Massage Tools For Face Eye Neck - Anti Wrinkle And Skin Rejuvenate

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  • 100% NATURAL ROSE QUARTZ: Hand crafted,with outstanding finishing.No any chemical treatment or dyeing is used.The gemstone is well-known healing stone, is 100% natural and genuine, and is non-porous.Affinity to skin.(There is a slight difference in color and size)

  • FANTASTIC CRYSTAL ROLLER: Rose quartz crystals are well known for bringing trust and harmony into people's relationships and can help balance people's emotions, it have tremendous amount of good energy that will have a positive effect on your skin.Soon after daily uses, your skin will feel tighter, more rejuvenated and shines with a natural glow.Use with face cream can prmoted the cream absorptioned.

  • FREE YOUR BEAUTYReduces your dark circles under the eyes and puffines ;promote blood circulation to the eye area.After a few days, you will notice some significant changes. It will reduce puffiness in your face/eyes. Your face will be less puffy, feel less tense ,look tighter,face lift.

  • RELAX YOURSELFIt could relax your body from long time working and driving, your muscle from high-strength fitness or exercise . It also could use on your face,neck,back, arms, legs anywhere that need to massage/ stretch and relax.

  • PERFECT GIFT: Comes with a grey velvet bag printed Top Plaza and A Gift Box. Ready for giving.Suitable for any occasions like birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and other holidays! For yourself/your friends/your love.

  • Color : Rose Quartz


Easy to use and effective for all skin types. - The Anti-aging Roller, is a total beauty game changer as it works well on all skin types.It doesn't matter if your skin type is normal, dry, oily or a combination of those.You can now smooth out lines, avoid acne break outs and reduce pore size on the entire face with the big roller.You can also lighten the skin and reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes by gently massaging the eye area with the small roller.No need to buy expensive devices or creams to get the youthful healthy-looking skin you've always wanted.This Anti-aging Stone Roller is the most-cost effective, non-surgical solution to having glowing skin that shines.Use it whenever, wherever.
Anti-aging - The rollers also have smoothening and lightening effects on the skin due to the silicate minerals found in pure Rose Quartz.
Helps in lymphatic drainage. - This roller made of Rose Quartz promotes proper blood circulation on the face and neck.It also helps in lymphatic drainage to provide healing and avoid puffiness.It gets rid of excess fluid and toxins by massaging towards drainage points such as along the ears and right by the clavicle.

Material: 100% Natural Rose Quartz
Size:Roller Stone: 45*20mm(Bigger)/23*20(smaller)/ The Handle: 82*12mm/ Total Length: 155mm(6.1'')
Mushroom Gua Sha Stone: 41*37mm(For pressing)
Heart Shape Gua Sha Stone: 80*55mm(For Face/Arms/Legs)

How to clean ?
Please clean the roller with warm water and soap or boiling for thorough sterilization before first use. Then after every using wash them with soap and water, and then wrap them in a soft cloth.

Warranty item:90-Day money back guarantee.If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please contact us through buyer seller message. Buy absolutely no risk.