Tilany Revolutionary Facial Massager Beauty Roller For Youthful Uplift. 30 Germanium Beads Increase Circulation, Heal, Rejuvenate, Support Immunity, Powerful Antioxidant

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  • 👸 PROFESSIONAL SPA GRADE Facial Massager Beauty Roller restores firmness in skin with greater youthful elasticity. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a younger, healthier look. Helps eliminate bulges and signs of fatigue. You feel better and look great!

  • 👸 PREVENTS AGING and enhances immunity for greater wellness and more energy. Promotes better blood circulation for faster healing and effective rejuvenation. Helps support better metabolism for effective weight loss. Relieves and corrects under eye puffiness and flabby jaw resulting from age.

  • 👸 EASY TO USE. Simply roll the beauty roller gently over affected areas. You can do this while watching TV, listening to music, while taking a bath or shower, or before bed after taking your makeup off. This works equally well for both women and men of all adult ages.

  • 👸 30 GERMANIUM BEADS included in this roller. Germanium is a luxurious, grayish white metalloid in the carbon group. It's similar to silicon. Germanium is known for increasing blood circulation, creating better brain function, supporting the immune system, working as a powerful antioxidant, and much more.

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  • Color : Purple

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FACIAL MASSAGER Beauty Roller has genuine natural 30 Germanium Beads. This element is commonly found in soil where it helps plants like Korean ginseng grow easily and get its medicinal power. This can help relieve stiff neck, headache, chills, and other problems. Using this roller can quickly tighten fine lines and wrinkles, giving your face and skin youthful flexibility often lost with age. You look and feel younger and healthier.

  • 1. Gently roll the massager over face, body, and affected areas.
  • 2. Use on your cheek, forehead, around eyes, neck, and shoulder.
  • 3. Cool massager in refrigerator, pour cold water over it, or put under warm water in winter.
  • 4. Use while watching TV, reading, listening to music, in the tub, or after makeup.
  • AIDS RELAXATION during stressful commutes and long drives. Use to relax shoulders and relieve headaches. Helps promote better blood circulation for faster healing and rejuvenation. Improves mood and general outlook for better enjoyment of life. Ultraviolet light reduces negative electrons to increase the balance of positive electrons. This roller can help reverse those painful, negative effects.

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