Two Silicone 9 Breast Arcs - Guaranteed Scar Treatment, Washable And Reusable, Effective For 6 Months Of Treatment - Results In 1-2 Weeks - Average Healing Time 1-3 Months.

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  • FDA Class-1 medical device

  • Unique patterns for breast arc washable and reusable for up to 6 months of treatment

  • Recommended by Medical Professionals around the world for Scar Management and skin therapy

  • ReJuveness Silicone Sheets last up to 6 months

  • ReJuveness is soft and pliable and easily conforms to any body part

Two Breast 9 Arc's for healing scars after breast surgery. Intended for the incisions that follow the natural curve of the crease beneath the breast. Most patients wear ReJuveness breast reduction pieces under a post-operational bra or under a simple sports bra while sleeping. Testimonials: 1) Thank you for helping make a very traumatic experience less stressful, due to extensive breast augmentation surgery I had a jagged, uneven, discolored raw scars. After using ReJuveness for a short period I noticed that my scar was smoothing down and blending with my normal skin pigmentation. Thank you for helping make a very traumatic experience a lot less stressful. Lisa F. . 2) I tried it after my breast reduction surgery and I could feel it working right away, I saw the ad and decided to try it and I was truly amazed - I could literally feel it was working ... I don't understand the molecular stuff going on. but... I did have a burning. stretchy, almost tearing feeling and that was gone as soon as I put the piece on. Right away. it felt softer - there is definitely a physical reaction of some kind. It feels like a softening reaction between whatever is in the breast piece and the skin. It's changed the shape of the scar. It's softened it, and it's changed its color. My doctor works with burn victims a lot and he told me to use ReJuveness because he knew it would work. He was familiar with the concept and said I should absolutely try it. Now, after just three months I'd say it's about 80% improved. The nice thing is that it doesn't deteriorate or saturate - you can just pick it up and reuse it. If it weren't for ReJuveness I would've tried vitamin E or some other cream or I would've just lived with it. For me, there's no reason not to try ReJuveness. Regards Stewart, CA