Trek Support 3/4 Orthotic Men, Size 8-13, 2 Pairs

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  • TREK SUPPORT 3/4 Orthotic is ergonomically designed to provide support exactly where needed in the ball of foot, arch and heel areas

  • Amazingly lightweight and 3/4 in length allowing toes to move freely inside shoes and prevent cramping

  • Heel pad absorbs impact of every step

Trek Supports Orthotic is amazingly light and only in length, yet youll feel a dramatic difference in foot alignment and comfort as soon as you put it in your shoe.

Unlike a full insole, a orthotic doesnt crowd your shoe, allowing toes to move freely. Our team of foot experts designed the ergonomic orthotic to deliver support exactly where you need it in the ball of boot, arch and heel areas. No extra bulk to make your foot feet cramped.

The key to the comfort lies in the supple foam that is soft and cushioning while still providing support. Featuring a flexible arch and shock absorbing heel pad, you may be surprised at the energizing comfort that this slim insert delivers. Slip your foot onto the smooth top cloth and give your feet the comfort they need.


The orthotics are marked with a (foot image) in the left Orthotic.

Position orthotic in shoe so that the elevated arch rests against the inside edge of your shoe.

Give the orthotics a test drive by wearing them for an hour. If you find them slipping in your shoes, use the glue dots that are provided.

Replace every 6 months for optimal comfort and support.