Sparks Long Lasting Bright Permanent Hair Color Magenta Mania Hc-00402

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  • Magenta ManiaPermanent Hair Color

  • Used To Mix with Any Color To Create The Perfect Pastel

  • Produces The Brightest Shades Imaginable

  • Conditions Hair As It Colors

  • Leaves Hair Healthier-Looking Than Before

  • Color : Magenta Mania

  • Size : 3 oz

Package of 6 x HC-00402SPARKS Permanent Hair Color HC-00402Sparks is a vibrant, permanent hair color that produces the brightest shades imaginable. Sparks conditions hair as it colors, leaving hair healthier-looking than before. Sparks colors can be used individually or intermixed to create an almost limitless palette of color options.
FEATURES:Magenta Mania Permanent Hair ColorProduces The Brightest Shades ImaginableConditions Hair As It ColorsLeaves Hair Healthier-Looking Than BeforeCan Be Used Individually or IntermixedCreates Limitless Palette of Color Options3 fl oz