4 X La Riche Directions Semi-Perm Hair Colour Apricot (All Colours Avail) 4X 88Ml

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  • Semi-permanent hair colour lasts approximately 4-8 washes

  • Does not require the addition of peroxide

  • Can be mixed with each other, allowing you to create your own unique shade with ease

  • A long lasting, rich dye that work well on most hair types

  • Color : Apricot

  • Size : 88ml

La Riche Directions Semi Permanent Hair Colour Comes In 34 Intense Shades that can be used on their own or mixed with each other to create your own unique shade, creating stunning colours that you will always want to show your hair off. Directions will take faster and last longer on chemically treated hair e.g permed or bleached. If more than one colour is applied the hair must be washed and dried separately, greater care must be taken when partially colouring lighter hair. Dyes usually last between 2-6 weeks and fade out gradually over time, mainly depending on how often you wash your hair. Dry shampoo can help you to prolong the colour and using a good quality conditioner can help slow fading a little.