Zilberhaar Major - Hair &Amp; Beard Brush - Natural Boar Bristles And Pear Wood - All Beard And Hair Types - Best For Medium To Thick, Long Beards - A Must-Have Grooming Tool For Men Who Like It Big

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  • BIGGER AND BETTER. Many brushes out there, are just too small for your beard. Our ZilberHaar Major has been designed for big beards! It is a mix of a military brush and a brush with handle which gives extra support and allows for dynamic movements when brushing your beard or hair. The pear wood gives it the luxurious feel and the uneven cut of our stiff boar bristles, allows them to penetrate your thicker parts, no matter its length or density.

  • GIVE YOUR BEARD AND HAIR A NATURAL BOOST. The brush helps to catch fuzz, dirt, and waste. Your skins' sebaceous oil acts as a natural protectant for your hair. It will help to seal in split ends, prevent hair breakage, and reduce frizz. Boar bristles also help to balance out your skin or scalps oil production. It stimulates the oil glands and allows them to breathe. As a result your beard and hair will be softer and shinier and all around healthier.

  • YOUR BEARD IS IMPORTANT TO US. Our brushes are made from high quality pear wood and 100% pure natural boar bristle. Our boar bristles are 1st-cut and stiffer than other brushes. The purposely uneven cut bristles allow for better penetration of the thicker beards. Crafted in the Black Forest in Germany with years of experience, we stand for our superbe quality. Overall, this brush should allow you to grow bigger, better beards and most importantly make you feel comfortable with them.

  • NEED A SOLUTION FOR YOUR BEARD? Bearddruff (or Dandruff), Dry, Oily Hair, or Split Ends?, The ZilberHaar Major will help restore and maintain your beard with ease. Boar bristles gently massage the skin or scalp, increase blood flow and unclog follicles. Without blood flow, your hair cannot grow which often causes slow growing hair or even hair-loss. Lets face it. Taking care of a beard and your hair does require time and attention and we can help with that. Before you chop it off, give it a try.

  • OUR MISSION is to show the world that beards represent SELF-CONFIDENCE and deserve RESPECT. We want to help gentlemen, like you, achieve just that on a daily basis. Hint for the Ladies, you can do something about his beard. We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if for some reason the ZilberHaar Major Beard Brush did not live up to your standards, contact us directly. We stand for Quality and Care and only want the best for our customers.

Ah beards ... they grow on you. Love them or hate them, you have to admire the wearers.

When a man decides to grow a beard, he's making a commitment not to trim or shave his facial hair for at least 6 weeks. There'll be ups and downs, moments that he'll want to give in to the call of the razor, but if he manages to resist, the result will be a beard of epic beardliness.

It takes patience, care, responsibility, and perseverance.

Our ZilberHaar Major brush will help you maintain a healthy balance of oils which will give your beard natural luster and shine while reducing itchiness and irritation!

Short beards itch, long beards need taming.

Your beard is possibly the most noticeable feature you have, invest in making it comfortable for you and pleasant for others.

This great beard brush helps you make your beard awesome.
- Softens Your Beard: This high quality Beard Brush softens your beard by distributing the oils of your skin evenly. The firm bristles untangle your beard and make it soft to the touch.
- Reduces Itch and Ingrown Hairs: The unevenly cut natural bristles exfoliate your skin, effectively removing dead skin thus reducing itch and massaging your follicles which reduces ingrown hairs.
- For the Ladies:You are buying a unique accessory that not only make his beard softer and more kissable, it is an exquisite item that belongs with every well groomed man.

Money back: If you receive the brush and it's not what you expected we give you a full refund within 60 days, no questions asked.

Order your beard brush now and start enjoying the feeling of a well groomed beard.