White Stylng Mustache Wax Moustache - Beard Gains (1Oz)

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  • Scented Mustache Wax: The meaning of pristine is 1) clean & fresh as if new 2) in its original condition. This was our first staple scent that later created our slogan Made For A Man, Loved By Women. Strong, manly, & heavenly to women.

  • White Color Tinted Mustache Wax: Four colors offered to perfectly match your lip whiskers. Eliminate unwanted wax haze found in conventional mustache wax.

  • Styling Mustache Wax: Control your moustache frizz and wild hairs. Help give a structured cleanliness look to your stache. Beard Gains wax can provide a mold, hold & tame to structure a perfect handlebar or just to keep out of your mouth.

  • Strong Hold Moustache Wax: Firm hold wax secondary to none. Well balanced styling beard wax for men from all organic ingredients unlike many competitors who use petroleum.

  • Beard Wax For Men: Made for a mustache but can also tame your beard. Beard styling wax strong in hold to add those finishing touches. A little goes a long ways, and could even be used on your goatee.

  • Color : White


Mustache wax in some circumstances can be used for your beard but primarily is used to tame, mold, hold and control your mustache fibers. The first thing you'll notice is the product is very hard unlike balms and creams found in other hair and beard care products. The hardness of mustache wax derives from the prominent bees wax, the main ingredient and most effective part of the product. Just scraping a pea size amount with your nail is usually all you need since a little goes a long ways. Your typical serving size in an ounce which lasts 1-3 months depending on your mustache style and length.


Handmade in the southern hills of Alabama on a nine acre goat milk farm. Our products are manufactured by the elegant touch of women with 2 decades of experience. Holding true our slogan is not without reason, Made for a man, loved by women. Battled tested and approved by men and women around the world with conclusive feedback. Our healthy organic blends provide the best benefits, top notch scents, zero residues, and we do it all with no corners cut. We don't make a cheap product and sell it cheap, we make a quality product and price it affordably.


We proudly offer four different color waxes to best suit your mustache hair. Eliminate unwanted haze build up from your standard available waxes. Our organically colored waxes give you the hold you want with the scent she loves.
White Wax = Blonde or White Hair
Black Wax = Black or Salt and Pepper Hair
Red Wax = Red or Red and Blonde Hair
Brown Wax = Brown to Dark Brown Hair