Real Bearded Men Boar Brush Beard Comb

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  • Brand new boar hair brush offers satisfying grooming and skin and hair benefits

  • Ergonomic design makes for easy use

  • Smooth and artfully crafted with the Real Bearded Men logo

  • Boar hair keeps your hair safe from breakage and massages your skin to increase blood flow: encouraging hair growth and a natural thickness

  • Enjoy the extra shine and a frizz-free beard

Boar bristles have some of the best benefits a brush can offer. Plastic combs break hair as they pull through and cause static, interrupting growth and keeping your beard from being the best it can be. Boar bristles have been found to offer both conditioning and cleansing benefits. Aside from the pleasure of using a boar brush, the bristles massage your skin and hair, encouraging hair to grow not only more quickly, but also stronger and thicker. Boar brushes balance your skin's natural oil production and maintain a healthy balance of oil and hair, you'll enjoy a soft and full beard without feeling oily. The bristles also minimize frizz and protect your hair from breakage. This brush has been ergonomically designed specifically for beard usage. Its artistic design provides enjoyable usage and a great way to start your day.